Junior Cricket.

At North Shore our 'Junior Club' is well organised and structured and very active in promoting cricket to children in the local area. Our mission is to encourage children to play, providing excellent facilities and support - all in an enjoyable, safe environment. Over the last few years the junior club has grown from strength to strength with over 300 boys and girls. There are many talented young players and some may even go on to play for New Zealand!

Junior Training.

All Training cancellations will be notified via website and our social media whether training will be ON or OFF

Take the stress out of feeding the kids after cricket practice. The club kitchen is open for meals on Wednesdays from October 25th.

Little League

  • Year 1 & Year 2 Wednesdays 3.45pm-4.30pm at Devonport Domain, outside the clubrooms

  • Year 3 & Year 4 Wednesdays 4.30pm-5.30pm at Devonport Domain, outside the clubrooms

Boys Hardball

  • Boys U10 Thursdays 4pm - 5:30pm at Devonport Domain Nets

  • Boys U11 Thursdays 4pm - 5:30pm at Devonport Domain Nets

  • Boys U12 Tuesday 4pm - 5.30pm at Devonport Domain Nets

  • Boys U13 Wednesdays 4pm - 5:30pm at Devonport Domain Nets

Girls Hardball

  • Girls U11 & U13 Fridays 4pm - 5.30pm at Devonport Domain Nets

  • U16/Premier/Premier Reserve Women Friday 5.30pm - 7:30pm at Devonport Domain Nets


All Little League & Junior Hardball NSCC uniform is available from Yarntons in Devonport or online via Yarntons website (linked below)

For Junior Hardball the navy playing pants are available at both Yarntons and Cricket Express.

Little League

  • NSCC Navy playing shirt

  • White shorts

  • NSCC Club Cap or Floppy Hat

Junior Hardball

  • NSCC Navy playing shirt

  • Navy long playing pants

  • NSCC Club Cap or Floppy Hat

Please note: Junior Hardball teams moved to navy long playing pants from the 2021/22 Season. If your player still fits their white pants they can continue to play in those. If your player needs new pants please get them in Navy.

Hardball Equipment.

All Hardball equipment is available at Cricket Express or via the Cricket Express website.

Hardball Starter Pack.

  • Cricket Bat (Wooden)

  • Batting Pads

  • Batting Gloves

  • Box or Groin Protector

  • Cricket Bag

  • Thigh Pad (optional)

2023/24 Season Fees.

Little League

  • Year 1 to Year 4 - $110

  • First time playing - $55


  • Boys Under 10 to Under 12 - $220

  • Boys Under 13- $165

  • Girls Hardball Under 11, Under 13 & Under 16 - $140

Little League. (Y1 - Y4)

Little League is played at the Devonport Domain. Most games are on Saturday mornings at 8:30am, there are a couple of Friday afternoon/evenings during the summer.

Little League caters for all levels of cricketers from those just starting out to those that have been playing for a few years.  There are three main offerings:   

School Year 1 

Little League for all Year 1 children and any Year 2 children that are new to cricket.  Saturday mornings will start with fun games and drills to develop some of the key skills your child needs to play and enjoy a game of cricket. Club conveners and parents will spend time helping children learn to bat, bowl and field, before they play a simple and short game in their own teams. If your child is older than Year 1 but would benefit from a term in LL Academy please contact mathewjohnfrancis@hotmail.com

School Year 2

For children in Year 2 who have played cricket before we will provide team coaches and managers with some fun drills to support a short Saturday warm up and skills session, before moving on to play a game of cricket. 

School Years 3 & 4

Senior Little League will continue as before, with games played in teams of approximately 6 children. All the children get the chance to bat, bowl and field for a set number of overs

Little League Convenor

Mathew Francis mathewjohnfrancis@hotmail.com

Hardball. (Y5 - Y8)

For ACA grades (under 10 and up) games are played home and away.

There are two main formats played by the Club:

T20 Saturday Morning 

A 20 over format played in all U10 and U11 grades.  Its a great way for players to get used to playing with a hardball with grace periods while batting and fixed number of overs bowled by everyone. At U12 & U13 level its ideal for those who want to play with their mates and more for fun. Games for Boys are generally in the North Harbour Region (Kumeu to Orewa to Devonport). Girls can play all over Auckland.

LO30 Saturday Afternoon (U12 and U13 Boys only)

A more serious 30 over Auckland wide Competition for those players that are keen on challenging themselves by playing a longer form and higher level grade of cricket. Generally the club will enter one team in each grade which may involve trials at the beginning of the season. These teams will also have two training sessions per week.

Junior Season Dates.

Sunday 8th October - Give it a go & Secondhand Gear Sale, 2pm to 5pm at Devonport Domain

Week of Monday 16th October - Junior Hardball trainings starts

Wednesday 25th October - Little League Training starts

Saturday 28th October - Little League & Junior Hardball games start

Saturday 16th December - Christmas Break begins

Monday 22nd to Wednesday 24th January - 31st Annual Junior World Series

Saturday 10th February - Post Christmas games start

Saturday 23rd March - 2023/24 Season ends

Junior Convenors.

Junior Chair Narly Kalupahana juniors@northshorecricket.co.nz

Little League Mathew Francis mathewjohnfrancis@hotmail.com

Girls Hardball Under 11 & Under 13 Anthony Wesney  anthonywesney@gmail.com

Girls Hardball Under 16 Johanna Melhuish 021398640

Under 10 Greg Newman

Under 11 Jon Reed

Under 12 Andrew Mills andmills@deloitte.co.nz

Under 13 Gary Stewart garystewart_net@yahoo.com

Under 15 Summer Series

Under 17 Summer Series  Catherine Etheredge catherineandshayne@gmail.com

More information.

For any variation to play in a grade outside a child's year group a request must be made to the junior committee and in some cases dispensation has to be received from Auckland Cricket. Age, stage and friendships are all important.

The club offers coaching sessions to all grades as part of the subscription. We do not ask for parent volunteers to run training sessions mid week but teams do need parental support for games. 

The success of the club is not only attributable to the enthusiastic committee members, but also to the many parents who willingly help out with scoring, coaching, managing teams and other duties. Many thanks to all involved.

Junior Fair Play Policy.

All players and parents/caregivers must agree to abide by our fair play policy when registering.


I will...

  • Play by the rules

  • Never argue with an official

  • Work hard to do my best at all times

  • Turn up to practice

  • Be a good sport and recognise good players and good plays by all involved

  • Remember to thank my coach, the officials, the opposition, and supporters

  • Help others in my team when I can

  • Give it heaps and not get ugly


I will...

  • Encourage my child, and other people’s children, in their sporting efforts

  • Insist that my child plays within the rules and by the principles of Fair Play

  • Respect my child’s efforts the same regardless of whether they won or lost

  • Display self-control on the sideline and always be positive

  • Never shout at or ridicule players

  • Watch my child play and let them enjoy the game

  • Show my appreciation to people who volunteer their time so my child can play

  • Remember that my child play sport for their reasons not mine

  • Be a positive role model for my child

  • Never place undue pressure on my child to play or perform

  • Make an effort to understand the rules of the game

  • Give it heaps and not get ugly

North Shore Cricket Club.

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