Cricket available for junior boys 2018/19 

(boys in school years 1-8 in 2018)

Please note registration is a bit different this year. The first part of registration is registering as a club member ($100) then select the format of cricket your child would like to play, charge depends on what selected. Kids in years 1-4 select Little League (either junior or senior) kids in school years 5 and up select either soft ball sixes or hardball. All grades include a team photo and coaching. 

Check out some background about why it is changing HERE

Overview of formats HERE



At registration you will be asked to choose between Soft ball sixes and Hardball Smash for Saturday Cricket.

Hardball Smash replaces what has been called 'Hardball' before. Conveners will sort Saturday Hardball Smash teams. Trials may be needed for some teams in some grades. You can only select ONE option to play on a Saturday (i.e. you can't play soft ball sixes and Saturday hardball smash). It is possible to play both Saturday and mid week cricket if that is an option in child's year group.

Soft ball Sixers is played from 8am-9.20am. Morning Hardball Smash is played from 9.30-midday. Afternoon Hardball Smash starts at 12.30pm.

Please contact your grade convener if you have any questions.

New playing conditions for all grades are on the Auckland Cricket Website HERE - Picture summaries below






Key Changes:

*Less number of players in each team 

*Options for plastic ball cricket (no protective gear required)

*Some ages have mid week options 

*NB: Some year 8 teams may be entered in U14 grades (full size pitch)

*For U16 and U19 grades go to 'Youth'

Coaches (paid or volunteers) will have to have done an on line coaching course (level dependent on grade coaching).

Foundation coaching course

Advanced foundation coaching course